“We make buildings that are smarter, cheaper and utilise the latest construction technologies, to achieve striking aesthetics and eco outcomes. We work with forward-thinking builders, engineers and townplanners to deliver groundbreaking architecture at a budget price.”

— Daniel Burnett, Director of Future City Architects


how it works


1. Initial Consultation

The first step is to set up a meeting, either at our office or we are happy to meet you on site. We will provide you with an obligation-free first meeting to discuss options for your project and explain the architectural process in detail. We will provide you with property and planning data, an estimate of project cost and completion time and will show you similar projects we have completed. We will also provide you with a detailed fee proposal, tailored to specifically to your needs.


2. Concept design

We begin each project working together closely with clients to understand and develop a detailed brief for your project. From here we develop preliminary sketches and workshop them with our team of specialist consultants including town planners, engineers, builders and developers ensuring that aesthetic and programmatic concepts are tested from the outset against environmental and commercial realities. We use the latest 3D modelling software and provide you with data and visualisations of your project at every step of the way.


3. Documentation

Once you have approved the concept design, we will recommend, engage and coordinate all necessary specialist consultants, and produce documents required by council for development approval (DA), and building approval. We will take care of all submissions to council and regulatory bodies. Next we produce detailed construction drawings and contract documents ready for tender to a selection of builders. If you have a preferred builder we will consult with them and provide information throughout construction.


4. Contract Administration

We offer a flexible service to suit your needs, from full tender negotiation and administration of the building contract (so all you’ll need to do is sign the cheques), to Design and Construct, or we will simply consult to your preferred builder. We act as your agent throughout construction, reporting to you regularly on time, progress, and cost, right up until completion and handover. Give us a call and we’ll tell you more.

our projects


mixed use















our thinking


Hi Tech

Future City Architects TM uses the latest emerging construction technologies like hi-tech, modular, and prefabricated construction, the latest eco-friendly energy, water, heating and cooling systems, and integrated gardens to achieve smarter, more cost effective buildings, with striking stylistic results. We work in association with manufacturers of emerging construction technologies like prefabricated flat-packed lightweight concrete panel systems, modular steel-framed systems, sandwich panel and shipping container construction.



These new products are achieving unprecedented cost savings, through innovative systems, low ongoing lifecycle costs and through the dramatically reduced construction times afforded by prefab manufacturing and modular assembly. We stay informed on these developments and look for opportunities to exploit these new technologies. We believe that award winning architecture does not need to be expensive.



We utilise a wide range of passive and active energy and water systems, recycling and permaculture systems, to produce buildings with smaller carbon footprints, both during construction and through the life of the building. We can design these systems to your budget, ranging from passive ventilation and minimal solar panel harvesting to fully autonomous, ‘off the grid’ systems. We work in association with landscape architects and horticulturalists, to integrate the natural landscape and built environment, using vertical gardens, roof gardens and internal gardens for passive shading, cooling, insulation, water recycling and food production.



Our thinking is applied across all scales of architecture, from domestic renovations and luxury homes, to large multi-residential, eco-resort, and urban scale commercial developments. As our buildings become smarter ‘machines for living in’, we are working closely with our clients and manufacturers, exploring bold new aesthetics to integrate these new priorities, technologies and natural systems in an exciting and elegant architectural expression.

our people


Daniel Burnett
Managing Director

Bachelor of Architecture- University of Queensland.
“As a kid I was always building things, delighting in the occasional elegant solution. While studying architecture, I worked in construction, building and renovating houses, and then in large commercial architecture practices. I always aim early on, to reconcile the practicalities of construction, both physically and economically, with my idealistic design ambitions. My goal is always to create the most clever and striking architecture as cheaply as possible.”


Mila Vasikic
Architect + Sculptor + Silversmith

Masters of Architecture- University of Queensland.
Mila has worked in Brisbane, Melbourne and Geneva and studied at the Brisbane institute of art. Like all of the greats, Mila’s pursuits in art and sculpture continue to inspire and inform her architecture, with her jewellery being stocked in high end fashion stores and her art gracing the pages of Art Guide Australia.


Mark Tracy
Interior Designer + Prefab Modular Designer

Mark’s diverse background in business across prefab modular accommodation construction, community events, and hospitality projects drives Mark’s passion for mixed use urban infill projects. His work focuses on preserving a fine-weave and vibrant diversity in urban communities. He is also a polemical style-master when it comes to designing bars, clubs and restaurants.


Michael Marriot
Urban Designer + Landscape Arhictect + Horticulturalistt

(1st year) PhD in Urban Design + Landscape Architecture Bachelor of Design (Landscape Architecture) QUT Certificate III Horticulture Landscape Construction + Land Management
“I aim to practice and research design which understands and celebrates the uniqueness of places and the people who inhabit them and which promotes civic identity and community engagement. I feel that design has a role to play in the balance between the global age and local responsibilities.”