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Show and Tell Productions Office

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office 1office 2 office 3This small studio office is inside Factory 1 of the Absoe Site in West End. Formerly the factory floor of Peter’s and Pauls Ice Cream, the multi-storey concrete warehouse now houses a mix of small independents, including video production, web design, fashion design, media, architecture, art studios and a bar. This fitout was done on a very tight budget and we went for a mix of bright and playful elements with industrial brutalism.

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Tourist Winery Concept, Ballandean

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winery2winery4winery 2AERIAL

After extensive study of the local wineries’ production and tourism industries, a scheme was developed which responded winery3to and expressed the delicate, co-dependent relationship between the two. The first aim of the building was to facilitate effective observation and participation by a large crowd, in what is essentially a delicate and dangerous industrial process. The strong tectonic crumpling of the front wall of the winery volume is an outward expression of the internal interaction between tourist and production line. Tourist interaction with the process is controlled by the cranking of this double height wall, varying one’s height and proximity to machines, guiding large groups through each stage of production, ultimately delivering tourists to a tasting room and retail space. Its lightness, trasnsparency and permeablity stand in deiance of its counterparts, and allow glimpses of the process within, from the road. In addition to the winery, the brief included dedicated orchard space for native fruit and nut trees, space for dairy animals, production space for conserves and cheeses and guest accommodation.

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calypso bar

Calypso Bar

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caly 5

caly 3caly 1caly 2calypso bar 4The brief was to demolish the existing fitout and relocate the bar, and kitchen, locating a new cold room directly behind the bar. The reconfiguration of the bar reflects the need for uncompromised efficiency to handle the volume of patrons after football matches at Suncorp Stadium. The owner insisted that the bar be strong enough for patrons to dance on, so a section of palette racking was laid horizontally and reinforced with integrated lighting. The colour scheme and wild wall paper were selected to match the exuberance of its owner and the history of the bar.