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Black Market Retail + Commercial Container Development, West End

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shipping container buildingcontainer sections 1container sections 2shipping container building0240 BMA Office 20 copybThis project was designed with a 5-year lifespan, so that it could be removed and relocated when this central West End site is redeveloped. The clients are particularly interested in preserving small scale businesses and the arts and complementing the existing commercial and cultural value of the area. Ground floor boutique retail tenancies start as small as 13m². These are modular and connect to commercial space above. We utelised extensive solar panels and varied the orientaion, offset and colours of the containers to achieve rich articulation along Mollison Street.A0100 PERPECTIVES _ Layout

Musuem of Brisbane + King George Square Concept

Musuem of Brisbane + King George Square Concept

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museum of brisbane mobplan01whitemob01mobplan03 whitea

This concept scheme was done in response to the announcement of the King George Square Redevelopment and busway in 2005. The scheme relocates the existing Museum of Brisbane from the ground floor of City Hall into a new building on the opposite side of the square.
The new building includes restaurant, bar, exhibition space and studios for artists in residence.
The transparent and permeable skins overlayed on lightweight tension structure is a counter point to the ordered monolithic nature of City Hall.
shipping container architecture brisbane

New Farm Mixed Use Container Project

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0256_150256_110256_36This concept project sits on a prominent corner of Brunswick Street, in New Farm. It is zoned for centre activities and this projects includes ground floor retail and commercial, with upper floors of both short term and permanent residential. We are playing with the contrast of heavy rectilinear form of the containers and lightweight amorphous screening elements, and how this responds to the street corner. The scheme chooses not to comply with the adjacent buildings, which meet the corner with firm, full height, right-angle masonry.



Parasitic CBD Interventions

Parasitic CBD Interventions

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page3This concept project begins in a 6-block precinct of the Brisbane CBD, bounded by Charlotte, Alice, George and Edward Streets. It is a precinct distinguished both topographically and programmatically but more notably by the richly varied volumetrics of its interstitial spaces – a product of the tight coexistences of towers, their podiums, and adjoining heritage controlled warehouses and laneways. The high frequency of heritage buildings in this area of the city offers sites which resist the formulaic tower and podium type development, but could house slivers of program which compliment it, providing places for production, creativity and community exchange. This scheme grows out of the rich morphology of adjoining volumes, bounded by service edges and blank podium walls which form an internalised avenue running along the centre of a city block. The proposal can be read as a collection of parasitic interventions, each of which display a varying degree of occupation of the host building. Each aims to activate the existing interstitial space and preserve a finer weave in the fabric of the city. As the parasites multiply throughout the city, a pedestrianised community circulation network is established, secondary to the street grid, and liberated from it, while certain interventions at its edges, become apertures which mediate between the two systems

massing-2city residential towersections3aMODEL-

South Brisbane Transit Tower Concept

South Brisbane Transit Tower Concept

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transit tower sketchTOWER01This concept scheme was undertaken in 2004 in response to the staged decentralisation of government services to ease congestion in the CBD and in anticipation of increasing building height and density in South Brisbane and Woollongabba. The brief was to provide commercial offices for the relocation of Queensland Rail headquarters from the CBD, and to link directly into the existing bus and rail network beneath. The scheme includes retail, food court, other commercial office space and a boutique hotel. The scheme utelises seperate foyer entries off Tribune Street to activate the narrow volume bounded by the busway terminal opposite and the rail and busway bridges above. It is intended that the strengthening of this axis along Tribune Street, perpendicular to Southbank and the river will set a precedent, helping to polarise a permeability to West End, counteracting the barriers imposed by Cordelia and Merivale Streets.


Taigum Residential and Light Industrial Community

Taigum Residential and Light Industrial Community

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industrial village0238_05aA0106 ADJACENT PROPERTY PLAN _

This project is a marriage of light industrial and domestic residential. The site is on the border of these two planning zones. There are 10 houses in a row, each with its own warehouse across the road which acts as a visual and acoustic buffer to the light inidustrial zone beyond. A narrow, one-way internal road and a row of front gardens separates the 2 storey volumes of housing and warehousing forming a powerful corridor volume. This is heavily landscaped recreation and circulation zone will balance the industrial warehouse aesthetics of the houses and the warehouses.