“Future City Architects Concept Blog is an exhibit of the many concept designs which, although loved by ourselves and our clients, may not have made it to construction phase. The built environment represents only a sliver of the design work that architects complete. This is a record of our concept designs across modular, container and prefab buildings.”

— Daniel Burnett, Director of Future City Architects

Taigum Residential and Light Industrial Community

Taigum Residential and Light Industrial Community

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This project is a marriage of light industrial and domestic residential. The site is on the border of these two planning zones. There are 10 houses in a row, each with its own warehouse across the road which acts as a visual and acoustic buffer to the light inidustrial zone beyond. A narrow, one-way internal road and a row of front gardens separates the 2 storey volumes of housing and warehousing forming a powerful corridor volume. This is heavily landscaped recreation and circulation zone will balance the industrial warehouse aesthetics of the houses and the warehouses.